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Do you have kinky stuff on your mind that you hesitate to reveal to your partner?
Do you have a fetish and you wonder if your partner would accept it or not?
Sexionnaire is here for you.

Simply follow the instructions in THIS order:
  1. 1. Create a new pair using the proper button below.
  2. 2. FIRST give the appropriate link to your partner (copy paste it to an email or chat) or open it in another tab if you are on the same computer. Don't leave this step for later, do it NOW. Do not leave this page unless your partner has got their link.
  3. 3. Click on your link and start solving our HUGE questionnaire.
  4. 4. Do not forget that you AND your partner will need to bookmark BOTH your questionnaire pages AND the pages you will be taken after submitting the questionnaires. Two bookmarks per partner.
  5. 5. Once you have both submitted your questionnaires, the one who gave the fewest positive answers will be able to view the common ones in their result page (which they should have bookmarked).

Sexionnaire will compare your answers and only show you the common ones.
That way your partner will not learn about the stuff you want to do unless they agree too.
The reason only the person with the fewest positive answers can view the common positive ones is to avoid cheating by ticking every one of them to cause the common answers to be the same as your partner's answers.

Create a new hetero pair
Gay and lesbian versions coming soon!