We keep record of the IP address of every visitor in our web server logs for statistical and attack prevention purposes. Also we record the IP and creation date/time for every questionnaire pair created as well as the answers given by both partners. We erase answers when we see fit, mostly to free space in our database. If you need to erase your answers for any reason, we might be able to help (contact us) but we make no promises. No other personal data is logged by the website. Cookies are used to store your saved half-finished questionnaires (if you save any) and to store your acceptance of the "Adults only" warning when you first visit the website. None of the stored data will be shared with third parties unless it's required by the law. If you are worried about tracking your IP address you may use Tor while visiting our site. The privacy policy may change at any time so you should review it every time you use the website. Main page Contact us Question list
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